Friday, 27 November 2015

The Importance of Drain Cleaning, Seasonal Maintenance Before Winter

Although Aurora enjoys truly wonderful summers, we are all aware that temperatures during the winter can dip as low as -14ºC. This is problematic in terms of plumbing, for many problems will occur at the most unexpected of times due to the frigid temperatures. It is therefore critical to employ a trusted firm to provide regular maintenance services. What are some of the benefits that preventative examinations will offer? Hard Water Issues There are many homes within Newmarket and Aurora that suffer from hard water. This is a condition defined by the presence of minerals (commonly calcium and magnesium) within the mains supply. Such deposits can dramatically alter the natural taste and over time, excess deposits may lead to the narrowing and corrosion of pipes. In some cases, the pipes become so narrow that it increases the amount of pressure within the pipes. When the winter season rolls in, such pipes are more prone to bursting.

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