Monday, 16 November 2015

History of a Vital Industry: How Modern Plumbing Has Changed the World

Today, with all the massive leaps in technology and the miraculous effects of modern medicine, people often forget what they owe their great quality of life to. There are countless different factors contributing to it, which would take several books to fully catalogue and explain, but one particular profession that is often overlooked is plumbing. Therefore, here are a few ways in which modern plumbing in Aurora, Newmarket, and everywhere else have changed the world. To really appreciate the impact that modern plumbing has had on people’s lives, we first have to look at what the world was like before the practices and conventions that have made the trade what it is today. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, a huge majority of European people who had lived under its oppression began spreading a doctrine of hatred for absolutely everything the empire had introduced to their societies, including bathing.

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