Sunday, 29 June 2014

Barrie and Newmarket Plumber Services Deal with Roots in Sewer Lines

Although the incident happened more than six years ago, its implications remain highly relevant today. If the roots of a tree in your yard finds its way into your sewer lines, your drain system could be rendered useless, and no ordinary drain opener or plumbing snake is going to fix the problem. Fortunately, a professional Barrie and Newmarket plumber has all the needed equipment and experience to remove those roots and unclog your sewer line.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Summer Plumbing Tips from Your Trusted Newmarket Emergency Plumber

Most kitchen disposals are not equipped to handle foods abundant in fiber (cornhusks, banana peels, celery) and fat (butter, cooking oils), so avoid dumping these items in the disposal. Run cold water at full pressure for at least 15 seconds before you flush anything down the disposal. For any other plumbing problems, contact reliable Newmarket and Barrie emergency plumber services to help you determine the best solution for your plumbing woes.