Sunday, 20 April 2014

Simple Aurora Drain Cleaning Tips: Never Flush These Down Your Toilet

As mentioned above, flushing down these items can cause drain lines to clog. If you notice that your toilets make a gurgling sound as you flush, it could be a sign that your pipes have already clogged – or are about to. Other signs include slow draining sinks and water backing up in the tub when you use other plumbing fixtures. If you see these signs, immediately call an Aurora drain cleaning service.

Whether you need drain cleaning in Newmarket or Aurora, Ontario, make sure that you only work with a reputable company like Harris Plumbing. Do not delay clearing out a clog because it can cause sewage to back up into your home. If clogs become severe enough, it can even affect neighboring homes.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Green Plumbing in Aurora – Breaking Up with Your Garburator for Good?

A garburator will be usually connected to a drain pipe on an adjacent sink or a dishwasher. Both these lines must be disconnected from the device. Only then can the plumber proceed with unscrewing the garburator from the mounting brackets and a snap ring underneath the sink.

Of course, completely removing the garburator is not the end of your task; the sink must be returned to normal operations. A Barrie plumbing specialist like a professional from established companies such as Harris Plumbing Inc. will most likely install new drain piping once the machine is out of the way. Note that an experienced plumber has the right materials and skills to get the job done in no time at all.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How a Plumber in Barrie Protects House Plumbing from Hard Water Damage

Why should homeowners be wary of hard water? This is because the minerals in hard water can cause a lot of damage. As mentioned in the article, high mineral content in water causes it to leave deposits that can eventually clog pipes or appliances, which could end up shortening their operational life. This should be reason enough for any homeowner to be concerned and inspired to call on a plumber in Barrie or Newmarket, wherein both areas have high grain per gallon (gpg) ratings in their water ranging from 10.5 (hard) to 22 (very hard) gpg.

Thankfully, hiring a plumber in Newmarket or Barrie is an easy proposition, with excellent choices like Harris Plumbing Inc. available. A plumbing company would be able to install a water treatment and conditioning system to avoid all of the problems associated with hard water like damaged pipes, funny-tasting water, and worn clothes.

Monday, 14 April 2014

You’ve Got Frozen Pipes? Call a Newmarket Emergency Plumber Immediately

The situation in Winnipeg prompted plumbing services and utility crews to work double-time to fix compromised pipes; almost day-in and day-out. Assuming that something like this happens in Toronto or other places in Ontario like Barrie and Newmarket, people should keep in touch with the best plumbers just in case. Harris Plumbing Inc., in particular, can send in a reliable Newmarket emergency plumber who can fix frozen water pipes at a moment’s notice.

Basically, water pipes freeze when the water inside them turns to ice due to cold temperatures. This may sound like nothing worth fussing about, but frozen water inside pipes is actually detrimental to your home because the resulting pressure buildup can cause even the strongest pipe material to burst.