Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Leaky Faucet? Count on an Emergency Plumber to Come to the Rescue

Drip, drip, drip… those are among the sounds you ought not to hear at home, especially when you know you’ve shut everything down for the day. Unfortunately, a leaking faucet is a common household problem that any homeowner can encounter at any time. Compounding to this fact, About.com Home writer Bob Formisano says that certain faucet designs like a two-handle cartridge faucet may be complicated to fix. These situations require the immediate services of an emergency plumber. Leaky taps and their effects on water consumption can be a serious issue among Canadians. An Environment Canada study of water rates in ten developed countries identified Canada with the cheapest rates at $0.31 per cubic metre (as opposed to Germany’s at $2.16). At the same time, however, leaking water is tagged as a problem for energy wastage, considering that 40% of Ontario’s natural gas consumption is geared towards the processing and pipe delivery of water to utility subscribers.

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