Thursday, 9 April 2015

Barrie Plumber Lists the Common Causes of Low Water Pressure in Homes

Low water pressure in your home can cause serious inconvenience in performing your daily house chores. And as it always is, you can’t find the right solution to your low water pressure problem without knowing its root cause. Below is a list of the common causes of this frustrating issue. Hard water. The water that reaches your home is not pure. As the water moves through the environment, it carries with it tiny sediments that makes it “hard”. Over time, this deposits build up to form scales or the familiar “rings” in the pipes, impeding optimal water flow. Its effect is mostly obvious in shower heads, toilets, and sink where water has to pass through tiny holes. According to, if you notice that the water flow in the sink is regular but not in the shower head, it can be a sign that it’s blocked with scales from mineral deposits.

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