Monday, 8 September 2014

The Water Hammer: Dealing with a Typical Concern in Aurora Plumbing

On the other hand, homeowners without air chambers built into their plumbing systems have to act much faster. One method for fixing water hammers in these systems is to lower the air pressure. This can be done by having a special pressure-reducing valve installed on the water supply line leading into the house. Lowering water pressure can also be achieved by installing a globe valve at the head of the affected pipe assembly. However, several issues might manifest if these remedies are done the wrong way: lowering water pressure has the tendency to go too far, causing lower-than-normal water pressure which can result into supply problems throughout the household. Water hammers aren’t just noisy; they can also lead to several complications if not attended to by capable professionals from local Barrie plumbing companies like Harris Plumbing, Inc. to fix problems as soon as possible.

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