Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How a Plumber in Barrie Protects House Plumbing from Hard Water Damage

Why should homeowners be wary of hard water? This is because the minerals in hard water can cause a lot of damage. As mentioned in the article, high mineral content in water causes it to leave deposits that can eventually clog pipes or appliances, which could end up shortening their operational life. This should be reason enough for any homeowner to be concerned and inspired to call on a plumber in Barrie or Newmarket, wherein both areas have high grain per gallon (gpg) ratings in their water ranging from 10.5 (hard) to 22 (very hard) gpg.

Thankfully, hiring a plumber in Newmarket or Barrie is an easy proposition, with excellent choices like Harris Plumbing Inc. available. A plumbing company would be able to install a water treatment and conditioning system to avoid all of the problems associated with hard water like damaged pipes, funny-tasting water, and worn clothes.

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